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We all would like to see our dogs growing and living in a healthy environment that favors their health and also ensuring that they are taking quality food.That is why every owner of a dog works hard to ensure a good health and the general well being of his or her pet.However it can be somehow costly for some of the dog owners to purchase the dog treats from some local shops which sell pet medicines but despite the cost it is important to have the dog treats to ensure the safety and good health for your pets.

The expense may be too high to be afforded by some dog owners, and due to this challenge many dog owners are advised to save some of their cash and make their dog treats. However, as many people try to make treats for their dogs they may end up using excess ingredients and not following the necessary steps hence leading making of unhealthy dog treat which might be nutritional insufficient. Dog should be prevented from various diseases like obesity which result due to having excess weight as a result of the dog treat having too many fats and other calories ingredients. Unhealthy dog treat may also increase the chances of your pets being attacked by some other diseases like arthritis, heart attacks and other types of diseases which may lead to the death of your dog. Any dog owner is advised to consider the following types of dog treats to feed his or her dogs as they contribute to a healthy living of the dog and its general well being.The first type of a dog treat which is recommended for the dogs is fresh vegetables which can also be mixed with other regular food to increase the value of its nutrition.

It is also recommended to feed your canine with cooked white part of the egg which is considered to be highly nutritious for the canine. The yellow part of the egg which is known as the egg yolk has a high content of fat and cholesterol which may lead to overweight and obesity to your pet. Rice is another dog treat that can also be fed to your dog.

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