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Checking if Your Modified Bitumen Roofing is in Need of Maintenance Work

Modified bitumen roofing is one of the common types of roofing done nowadays. It is popular in both residential and commercial properties as it cheaper compared to other types of roofing. Other qualities of this roofing is its durability, weather-resistant materials and is easy to install.

15-20 years is the common lifespan of a modified bitumen roofing when proper maintenance is also carried out. Ideally your roof should be checked at least once a year to see if repair and maintenance works should be completed. A damaged modified bitumen roofing means getting exposed to UV damage and other natural elements. The weather can easily create a bigger problem when it gets access to small damages on your roof.

A Miami modified bitumen roofing company can always do the maintenance work for you if you don’t have any experience with roofing work or if you don’t have the time. Some of these businesses also have warranty over their work. When there is an issue with their work within the duration of the warranty period, you can always get back to them for further repairs free of charge.

As an alternative, you may also do the checking of your roof and just get in touch with one of these Miami modified bitumen roofing companies when repairs have to be done. Keep tabs of different things when looking at the condition of your roof.

First, check if there are any worn asphalt. You will know this as it would appear as exposed spots on the roof. When this happens, the other protective layers of your roof is now exposed to more damage. This has to be addressed right away as water can easily accumulate and seep into the area, which can cause damage to your roof. The delamination of asphalt can also happen under extreme weather conditions. You will know this when you see individual membranes start to slip off your roof.

Your roof can have cracks, a hole or a tear because of several factors. A tree, heavy debris from a storm or because of birds are just some of the reasons that could cause all these damages. There is a need to do maintenance work right away when these things are present on your roof as these could create bigger problems when left untreated.

Because of the simplicity of the installation process of a modified bitumen roofing, errors can easily be overlooked while doing the installation. This can be because of substandard materials used, lacking sealants in some spots and improper installation of other materials. When you’ve had your work installed by a Miami modified bitumen roofing and they offer warranty on their projects, you can simply refer the issue back to them if your roof is still within the warranty period.

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