Why ECigs Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

It can be both exercising and at the same time, overwhelming to switch from tobacco which is what you are used to, to electronic cigarettes. It’s exciting in a way that they know that they’re saying goodbye to the dangers and health risks associated with tobacco smoking and adopting a new practice that according to experts, 95 percent safer compared to conventional smokers.

It is overwhelming on the other hand because there are immense number of choices and options that can be chosen for electronic cigar. The good thing is that, there’s no need to confuse yourself. Because as soon as you have understood the types of electronic cigars that you can buy, things are going to be less challenging for you.

Before we get started, it’s vital to take note that such products are available in all sorts of capabilities, sizes and shapes. There are so many manufacturers that introduce new devices to the public that they partner it with wider selections of juices too. As you read on, you’re going to learn more about it.

Disposable one piece ecig – this is otherwise known as cig-a-likes or minis. These devices are fairly common to new vapers and also, they can be found in convenience stores as well as vape stores across the US. This is classified as disposable as you can simply discard the whole device once you’re done using. Most of these e-cigs are designed to look like a tobacco cigarette and therefore, providing a comfy way for smokers to make their transition.

Rechargeable 2 and 3 piece – there are so many people who decide to continue vaping after their transition from tobacco and often, they move from using disposable ecigs to the higher quality models like the two-piece or three-piece device. These devices are also known as cig-a-like e-cig. Both of these devices provide a pleasurable and enjoyable experience than its disposable variant and each model has its benefits.

Two-piece comes with an atomizer containing cartridge and a rechargeable battery as well as USB cable. The beauty in using such style is that it produces better vapor and flavor and must be considered as a mid range quality option. The three-piece model on the other hand is a step up of the two-piece. This comes with a cable, a rechargeable battery, clearomizer and drip section for inhalation. Such device also have an empty tank in the clearomizer section which you can use to fill with your favorite juice.

These devices are considered as mid-sized because it is just about the size of a cigar or fine writing pen. Basically, they are called as vape pens due to its appearance.

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