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Significance of Law

In every country, it is important to observe the law. A country is able to live harmoniously, when there are stipulated laws. Laws in every region are created for their citizens to submit. Subsequently, there are various penalties also created for the non-observers of the law. However, it is important to observe the rule of law in any country so as to maintain peace. The following are the reasons why law is important in a society.

When criminal activities are done to people, the law is able to defend them. The rule of law is majorly concerned in protecting its people from the criminals.To enforce this, there are criminal courts which are normally created in order to prosecute evil doers.In these courts, the criminals are judged and sentences are passed on those who prove to be guilty of an offense beyond any reasonable doubt. Depending on the crime committed, the judges can sentence a criminal in jail for a certain period.

There are also community courts which help to resolve disputes that arise in a community. This is because it is common for people living together to disagree on various matters. Such local matters are resolved in the community level where they are more understood. In other situations, the wrong doers are punished by the local courts rather than taking them to higher courts. To avoid problems in the society, people are encouraged to desist from criminal activities.

Peoples’ common good is protected in a nation where there is the rule of law. When there is a penalty for wrongdoers, people will be discouraged to engage in criminal activities.But if they realize that there will be no penalties, they will not care much about their deeds.Therefore, just by the fact that there is law in place, people will tend to be careful in their deeds.The hand of the law which is invisible will keep them on track.

In addition, the law is very helpful in distribution of property among its people. It creates equality among all people living in a community despite their age, income or status. It also gives an equal chance to disabled people to enjoy the rights enjoyed by other people. Thus, fights for property are eliminated since the resources are distributed equally.

With the rule of law, peace is maintained in a country or community. When law is enforced, people will always avoid conflicts. People do not love spending their life in jail hence they will maintain calmness.Law, therefore, encourages people to do the right things all the time. Moral laws are also important to encourage good behavior.

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