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Know Your Local Tenant Law

Many people look for places to rent especially when they are of the right age to leave home and start a life on their own. Whether it is an apartment or a one bedroom house, one thing that is sure is that it is a rented space. These individuals have to deal with their landlords. You can find a lot of landlord that treat their tenants fairly. But, if you rent long enough you can run into a bad one. Even if the due date of your rent is still days off, these landlord will start pestering you to pay it. When you request for damaged property to be fix, he does not do anything and he makes your life really miserable. These are the types that don’t return security deposit when it is time to return it. Knowing the tenants laws or hiring a lawyer who is an expert in tenant law is the best way to protect yourself from this kind of landlord.

Renters will have a miserable time dealing with a landlord who does not know his responsibilities. Even if the rent is not yet due, they hound you for it. You face being fined if the old appliances break down due to wear and tear. It can be easy to shut down a harassing landlord if you know the tenant laws. You can always go back to your contract if he accuses you of late payment. A landlord cannot fine you for wear and tear because it is stated in the tenant law that wear and tear cannot be penalized.

Many property owners think of easy money when they have their place rented out. When money is needed for a repair the rental money is usually already used up. This is why many owners ignore repair requests. If you know your local tenant law, you will know what items the landlord is legally obligated to fix and what you can do if he does not repair them in a timely manner. If you agreed that the property has a dishwasher, then this is included I his obligation to fix if it gets broken.

Withholding part of your security deposit after you have moved out is one of the most common thing that landlords do. Within 30 days the landlord would have returned your security deposit according to the tenant law. If they withhold your security deposit then the jurisdiction will require the landlord to explain and provide receipts. It is still possible to use the tenant law and a good lawyer to recover all or a portion of the deposit that your landlord withheld.

It is important to know your local tenant law, and if you need protection from a harassing landlord, you can hire an attorney who is an expert in landlord tenant laws to help you recover what is lawfully yours.

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