Consumers Guide to Buying Socks

Nearly all humans wear socks at least part of the time. Most people do not give much thought to the socks that they put on their feet. Comfort and fashion tend to be the deciding factors in sock purchasing. There is more to socks than initially meets the eye. Read on to learn some of the history of sock wearing as well as some tips for picking out the right socks.

A Brief History

Humans have worn socks in some manner since the Stone Age when cave-dwellers wore animal pelts on their feet that were tied around their ankles. The earliest known knitted socks have been discovered in Coptic Egyptian tombs that date back to the third century A.D. By the Middle Ages, socks had become a status symbol for much of the European nobility class.

Once the first knitting machine was made in the 16th century, socks became more accessible to the commoner. Wool was generally used for common folks and silk for the nobles. At this point, socks were more like leggings and covered the legs to be worn under a tunic. The styles have gotten progressively shorter until today socks are worn at various lengths ranging from the knees to the ankles.

What to Look for in a Sock

Most people do not give much thought to the socks they put on their feet, but ask anyone who has developed a blister after a long day and they will say that choosing the right socks does matter. When looking for a pair of socks, give consideration to the type of activities that will be performed in them. First look at the fabric content. Avoid cotton if a lot of physical activity will be involved. Next, look at the thickness of the material. The thicker the material, the greater the cushioning, but also the greater the warmth. Consider the time of year the socks will be worn. The sock should fit snugly to avoid extra material causing blisters, but also not cause cramping of the toes.

Choosing the right socks can help keep your feet comfortable and protected all day long. Understanding the sock wearer’s lifestyle and physical requirements helps to ensure the best possible sock purchase. Check out this webpage for any of your sock purchasing needs.